Say "Yes" to your NO by setting boundaries that serve you using my Boundary-Setting Cards. (Click the button for more details about each deck.)

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Meet Latasha Matthews


Latasha Matthews is the Clinical Director and founder of Illumination Counseling and Coaching. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Clinical supervisor. She has become known as America’s Emotional Wellness Expert as a result of her work providing guidance and support as it relates to the importance of emotional wellness.

Latasha is a Best Selling author of  The Dumping Ground and she's excited to share the Dumping Ground movement with the world. She has spoken throughout the United States sharing the importance of boundary setting as a key component to good emotional health. She has inspired corporations, fitness centers, and churches with her raw authenticity in sharing her personal story of poor boundary setting. Her efforts have induced hope, energy, and mind-changing perspectives which has caused persons to live a more fulfilling life.
Latasha is passionate about leaving participants gifted with the art of saying "NO" and the freedom to say Yes to things that bring them joy.

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Say Yes to Your NO:

A Master Class on How to Set Life-Enhancing Boundaries


Do you have a problem saying No? Do you have a difficult time completing task and accomplishing goals? Do you have a problem honoring your word to yourself? Do you have a problem setting boundaries with family and in romantic relationships? Are you fed up with not being heard? Do you have a desire to better manage your schedule? Are you looking for more freedom and control over your choices and decisions? Would you like additional ways to take care of yourself?

If you answered YES to any one of these questions, she invites you to say YES and join her for the Say “Yes” to your NO online Master Class. You will receive over 60 minutes of focused training on how setting proper boundaries can support you in moving from saying no to things you don’t want, to saying yes to areas that bring you peace, joy, freedom.

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